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Bloom Where You Are Planted

I am a lover of many things. A few I can name off the top of my head are things I think that most people would love, flowers, the rain, quality time with people I care about, quotes and so much more. Recently I have been drawn to these few things in my life and somehow they seem to have tied together in a recent shoot I did with a couple of my new friends. I've come to love the quote "Bloom Where You Are Planted" as it's really been my motto for the past year. I've always lived in Philadelphia, but last year I made the big, and spontaneous, move to the big old state of Texas! It was something I never thought I would do, move to a new place where I didn't know a single person other than my fiance and our two dogs. It was around the time this new adventure I found myself in that I came across this quote. I had made it my goal this year to do more adventurous things in this year than I have in my life. Luckily this adventure included meeting some of my new and best friends down here in Texas. Now that our time here in Texas has come to an end, I had to have a little send off shoot in one of the prettiest spots with two of my new good friends in our little town of Del Rio, TX.

It had been quite rainy the past few days here in Texas, but overcast skies have always been a favorite of mine. The way the grey sky makes the colors below it so vibrant and full of life make for the perfect portrait, at least for myself. Well, during one of the rainy days as I was listening to a classic vinyl and cleaning up the house, I found some smoke bombs I'd purchased months ago. It only took a few seconds to realize I was already planning a shoot in my head and luckily for me, my friends wanted in as well!

It was quite easy to pull together on such short notice as I had already planned it all out in my head, from the clothes to the perfect hidden spot, all we had to do was get in the car and go. I'm always nervous to shoot with people I haven't photographed before, but it's an excited type of nervousness. I love the freedom of being able to mold them into exactly what I want for my photos, but still see their personalities come out through the pictures.

Let me tell you something, these two girls right here NAILED IT. I mean they needed little to no coaching and of course had amazing chemistry since we were all friends already. I couldn't have asked for better girls to have done this dreamy shoot with! We only wish we had dozens more smoke bombs to play with because we didn't want the shoot to end!

Cheers to you girls and your futures, which I only hope includes more creative projects with me!


White Crochet Dress: Forever21

Silver Necklace: Walmart

Floral Dress: Target

Gold Choker: Target

Models: Elizabeth & Sarah

Instagram: @ashleygriffinphotography

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