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All is "Fair" in Love

I've known Tyler since I was in middle school. In fact, he is my best friend's cousin so naturally growing up we spent time together and even formed a photographic relationship together. Believe it or not, this talented young man and I shoot weddings together!

A few years ago I was introduced to his hilarious and beautiful girlfriend Brittanie, another girl from our neighborhood. They started dating a few years ago and it was an instant click and from an outsider's perspective, there may not be a more hilarious and fun loving couple. Naturally I was stoked to have the chance to not only torture my photographer friend who hates having his photo taken, but capture their love and contagious energy. At the neighborhood carnival this year, I finally had my chance.

For years I have tried to photograph the carnival at St. Gregory's in Roxborough, but it has always been rained out, I've been away, my couple had to cancel, or it mysteriously disappeared. Somehow this year I was lucky enough to capture the magic that is a carnival. Driving by one day I noticed they were setting up, immediately I pulled over and began texting friends I thought would be fun to have a shoot with. How lucky was I that Brittanie and Tyler agreed?! Within minutes the shoot was scheduled and we were ready to go the very next day.

Now I have a lot of shoots where my couples are just so natural and easy to photograph, but let me tell you this was next level. We were on shoulders. tossing popcorn, riding rides, and dancing around in a sea full of people without a care in the world. It was everything I had hoped it would be. The energy was magnetic and it was as if they were the only two people at the carnival that night. We shot for a couple hours, but it only felt like ten minutes and I had so many photos that it was truly so hard to pick my favorites.

As we finished our popcorn and cotton candy, we wrapped up the session and I hadn't been so excited to edit in a long time. It had been a while since I had hosted a shoot where I was in total control and on no one's timeline but my own; where I got to call the shots and get creative and fun with my couple. It was so exciting I was exhausted. but jumped right into editing the minute I got home.

The next day as I was driving by St. Gregory's, the carnival was completely gone. In and out in one day and I thank my lucky stars that we did the shoot when we did because I couldn't go another year without doing this shoot. I've finally checked a fair shoot off my bucket list and I have to say it was exactly how I wanted it. It was fun, colorful, and Brittanie and Tyler loved their photos. That my friends, is what I call a success!


To see their full gallery (you know you want to) click the link below!

Brittanie & Tyler

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