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Love Isn't Cancelled

Let's be honest here, the wedding world has been buzzing for months and months and not in the best way. Threats of rescheduling, vendors cancelling, guests not wanting to brave a crowd is all as hectic as it sounds. As if wedding planning on it's own wasn't stressful enough, let's just throw a nation-wide pandemic on it why don't we? Times are so uncertain right now and although you may not be having the wedding you've envisioned for so long, it doesn't mean that your day won't be perfect. Whether you're having a big party or heading to the courthouse it all ends the same, you're married!

A note to not only my brides and grooms, but to all brides and grooms: Your wedding may be postponed or cancelled, but your love is not. I know, I know, this is easily said coming from someone who is not currently planning a wedding during a horrible historic event, but I'm here to tell you there are ways to still celebrate this time in your life. After all, you're about to be married!

Take it from this stunning bride to be right here! Although the plans for her and her hubs big day drastically changed, her sister and amazing Maid of Honor threw her the most epic bachelorette party! You should believe me because I was there for part of it. One of the events Macalla's sister Merrissa had planned for her was a photoshoot on the beach with all of her bridesmaids. Now I've never done anything like this so I was extremely excited!

These girls came ready to make some seriously insta-worthy photos and let me tell you I was all about it! From the endless laughter to the perfectly coordinated outfits of that rainy afternoon, everything was perfect. This muted pallet that was dancing around in front of me under the hazy clouds was more than my little heart could ask for. I clicked photo after photo of these girls truly just living in the moment and enjoying each other's company. It was so refreshing to see after months and months of a photo dry spell.

I watched these girls twirl, dance, pop champagne and have the most carefree fun time! For a little while it seemed that everything bad in the world had just stopped. This bubble they created on this beach left empty by a storm was completely full of love, memories and hope for the future to come. I'd be lying if I didn't say I too got caught up in the moment. I didn't have a worry or care in the world! I'd forgotten about my cancelled plans, about all of these changes happening in the world around me and I was just watching these girls feel such happiness.

You could almost call it metaphoric. All week leading up to this shoot it was storming, so much so that every other shoot I had that week had been cancelled. I'd be lying saying I wasn't pacing back and forth waiting for the shoot I was most looking forward to to be cancelled too. I nervously called Merrissa asking her what she wanted to do as I watched the rain pour down and flood my street. Much to my surprise, she and the girls were all in! The relief I felt flooded my body as I packed up my gear and headed to Longport, NJ where it torrentially down-poured throughout the entirety of my drive there.

Well wouldn't you have it that just as I pulled up, the rain stopped?! The girls were game and we headed to the beach full of energy and excitement. These girls hopped right into the water and washed away any care of what was going on outside this bachelorette bubble! It just goes to show that even though the world may seem like the world is crashing down around you while you're trying to plan "the best day of your life", the sun comes out and amazing memories are made!

All in all it was an amazing time and I am definitely hoping to make bachelorette party photo shoots a reoccurring event in my photo adventures! To all my brides out there planning in this pandemic, just know that your day is going to be amazing no matter when or where it will be. Also, it's okay to freak out, cry or do whatever you need to do. Luckily for you there are vendors who can make some serious magic happen and I promise you that when you look back, you'll realize just how amazing everything was regardless of what was going on in the world


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