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3 Wedding Day Timeline Tips!

By Philadelphia Wedding and Engagement Photographer, Ashley Griffin Photography

Giving you tips and tricks on how to make your wedding day smoother and actually enjoyable is one of my favorite things. I want to be your go to girl. So I’m giving all of you a few insider tips today. Keep on reading or just book me for your wedding to find out! One of the most frequent things I get asked when talking to my couples is for help with the timeline. Every wedding day and wedding season is a little bit different. Luckily, I've photographed in every season and in many different locations, so I can help you take that stress of timeline planning away!

ONE don’t schedule your ceremony for sunset/golden hour. Typically, venues and couples will schedule their wedding ceremonies around sunset in the fall and yes, this is a tricky season because every day is a little bit different. Although it will look stunning to have that golden sunset as you're vows to one another, but this is the time of day where you will capture the most beautiful images of your day! Especially if you aren't doing a first look, you're going to need that sunlight in order to have those images captured. If you are set on not doing a first look or even if you are, opt for an earlier or even later ceremony. You won’t be sorry you did!

TWO allow extra time for wedding party and family photos. Its no secret that after the ceremony everyone just wants to party and I want to make sure we get them to the party. That being said, once the ceremony is over it can be really difficult to gather a wedding party. We work as quickly as we can and trust us, we WANT you to get to your cocktail hour. Schedule some time to knock out as many photos as possible before the ceremony!

THREE you're going to need more time than you think to put your dress on. Putting on your wedding dress is more than just stepping in because think about it, there's layers, there's buttons, there's lace, it's fragile! It's also a super emotional moment! It's different than the first time you tried your dress on because it's the day of, you're looking the best you've ever looked, you're excited. You're going to want to take that moment in too, plus someone is bound to start crying once they see you in it. I always recommend at least 30 minute sin your timeline for getting dressed!

. . . . .

Venue: Promise Ridge, Strousberg, PA

Dress: Lovely Bride

Officiant: Alison Tongg Celebrant

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