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Engagement Photography Do's & Don'ts!

By Philadelphia wedding and engagement photographer, Ashley Griffin Photography

Your engagement photos should be a fun piece of your engagement period. Lucky for you I’m here to give you some guidance on how to make them not only memorable, but easier to plan as well. Making your engagement photos unique and authentic to you can sometimes be a difficult task, especially if you're someone who has no idea what to do in front of the camera. If you're stuck in this area or need some inspiration I'd love to help! I've been so fortunate to photograph many engagement sessions over the years and I know that we can make your photo dreams come true. Interested? Keep on reading!


We have come a long way from wearing matching khakis and white shirts on the beach. It's time to embrace your style! It's important to not only maintain your personal style, but to achieve aesthetically pleasing photos your wardrobe is actually super important. The first rule is DON’T match outfits. What you should DO is coordinate your outfits. Wear colors that compliment each others outfits and the environment you’ll be photographed in! If one of you is wearing a pattern, use that as your pallet to pull from in your outfit. You can mix and match textures and shades to create a really beautiful combo!


It's always tempting to try out new looks when you're planning you engagement session, but remember you want to be comfortable. I'm not just talking physical comfort, I'm talking about mental comfort too. DON’T wear something you aren’t comfortable in. If you're self conscious, it could show in your photos and as your photographer, I want you to be 100% confident in how you look and feel our your photos! That being said, DO wear clothes that make you feel confident and that you won’t be adjusting your entire shoot. If your off the shoulder isn't staying off the shoulder consider wearing something you won't be tugging at. Comfort and confidence is key!


We all know the tried and true golden hour, you just can't go wrong! The light is flattering, soft and honestly just makes you glow! If you want that warm and glowy feel to your photos DON’T schedule mid day. The sun is too harsh and you may or may not have a hard time keeping your eyes open. DO schedule around sunrise or sunset for those gorgeous golden hour photos!


If you don't want your engagement photos to get lost in the mix of your Instagram feed and you want to stand out, do something unique to stand out! DON’T forget to be sentimental. These photos are all about you two and your love and we want to showcase that! DO plan your engagement photo shoot to represent the two of you. Things you like to do together, places you like to go and how you are with each other! If you’re worried about standing around taking photos, make it a date doing what you love with who you love. There's so many ways to get creative with your photos, whether that be cooking in your house, having a picnic, riding around in a vintage car, popping into your favorite bar for a drink, you name it! The possibilities are endless and you will without a doubt have amazing photos!


Real Couple: Grace & Jeff

Photographer: Ashley Griffin Photography


Instagram: @ashleygriffinphotography

Location: Sea Isle City, NJ

Dog: Sullivan!

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